We focus on being long term strategic partners to help our clients grow their business's not their risks!


EMS System Development

MedSpan Integrated Health is unlike any other healthcare service you have worked with before, because we custom build the system that meets your needs, based on your desires, objections and set goals. 

We take years of experience and put it into one organization and mastered how to help others increase operational efficiencies while reducing start up learning curves often seen when starting new healthcare systems initiatives. 

Turn Key EMS Operations

We are here to ensure you succeed on your own or with a strategic partner.  We offer full turn key deployment including:

  • Complete Institutional Needs Assessment
  • Community Needs Assessment
  • Full Business Plan Development
  • Operational perspectives and objectives
  • State and Federal License Filing
  • Department Policy and Procedure Development
  • Program Inception Certified Staff
  • Program Inception Managerial Oversight
  • Full Billing & Collections Services
  • Annual Compliance Reporting & Oversight

Specialized Medical Coverage

Basic First Aid - we offer a wide variety of basic life support services from single provider for fashion show to full medical tent operations and stand by ambulances to meet the need of larger gatherings. 

Advanced Life Support - we work with our clients to determine the best course of medical care for their event/venue including providing dedicated paramedics and advance life support ambulances to cater to any emergency that may occur. 

Concierge Medical Coverage - when your clients expect to be treated with extra level of service and dedication our specialized concierge medical services are their to cater to their needs and help ensure they receive the medical care they need with the highest level of service and dedication one can offer. 

Safety Personnel - we provide safety personal to events to provide additional level of safety and risk mitigation including but not limited to off duty emergency services personal who are all focus on a common goal, safety of your patron and customer satisfaction while attending an event.


Leadership Recruitment and Development

We offer a full suite of specialized and concierge leadership recruitment and development options that meets the needs of unique situations.  

Leadership Development - we work with your current leadership team to help strengthen their skill sets and grow as a team together.  We build a program that is catered to your organizations needs and will meet the expectations those involved.   

Leadership Recruitment - We work with your organization to outline the skill sets needed for the leadership position to be successful and then our national recruiters work to find you the right candidates for your review.  We work hard to find you the right candidates to make your leadership team a success!

Our team is ready to design, deliver and support your customized leadership development and/or recruitment program so you can focus on what's most important to you, your business.  Call us today to find out more.